Welcome to 'Connecting Generations'!


Our 'Connecting Generations' programme was devised to help bridge the gap between people of all ages by delivering a variety of workshops and activities throughout the East End of Glasgow.

  • Gardening projects
  • Art projects
  • Knitting and crocheting
  • Schools programmes
  • Traditional games
  • Roadshows
  • Day trips to places of interest (e.g. museums and heritage parks)
  • Helping Hands (see 'Angel's with Wellies' section)

Commonweath Fitness Challenge - The Commonwealth Fitness Challenge brings young and old people together to participate in four different sports (salsasize, carpet bowls, badminton and table tennis). These activities have been very successful and there are many more due to take place in the future!



Allotment Heritage Project - A group of people of various ages are exploring the history of Westhorn allotments where Playbusters have a community allotment.



Shettleston History Project - Shettleston history project has two aspects to it, environmental and exploring the history of Shettleston and Shettleston Railway station. The environmental side is to make the surrounding areas at the station more vibrant and friendly by planting flowerbeds in the green areas of the station. The historical part will be looking into the history of Shettleston and the Railway station involving local schools with an art display placed around the station.


School Projects - Some school projects include “Before we were born” where we looked the “olden days” and discussed the “black and white” days as the young people referred to them. We look as subjects such as jobs, money, clothes, shops, houses, holidays and families. These are normally over a 6 week period. We play in a more traditional way e.g. traditional games, skipping ropes, rounders, gird ‘n’ cleek, whip n’ peerie and more!  


 Sheltered Housing - Methven Street

Sheltered Housing Project - We have worked with sheltered housing residents. Groups of young people, staff and volunteers visited Methven St. Sheltered Accommodation on various occasions and have participated in gardening projects, discussions over Christmas’ past, played bingo and have endless conversations around the changes in their surroundings from when they were young. The young people and older people have made good friends with each other and look forward to their visits. Cuthelton Sheltered Housing has also had visits from staff, young people and volunteers where they have planted bulbs in their garden and chat to each other. They have been fascinated and they all enjoy each others company. These visits to the sheltered housing are ongoing and we look forward to more in the future.



Neighbourhood Clean ups - There have also been “clean up” campaigns conducted throughout the sheltered housing surroundings.  




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