Helping Hands

During the bad weather over winter Playbusters, Urban Fox and Parkhead Housing Association operated a 'Helping Hands' programme to help those who may be isolated due to the terrible weather.

Isobel Gilmour, a local resident wrote this lovely piece for her local church magazine.



Angels with Wellies



Do you believe in angels? Do you find that a strange question in the year 2011? We are so very modern minded these days that we feel these questions are rather quaint – old fashioned – part of another era.


Well believe it or not – I do believe – because I am living amongst them in what is classed as a deprived area of the east end of the city of Glasgow.


Where are these angels? Right here on a daily basis in an office underneath the flats my neighbours and I occupy. What are these people doing that is so remarkable? “Absolutely nothing special” (they would promptly reply if they were asked). But in the very bad weather recently, a leaflet was pushed through our doors, asking if there was a need for shopping, prescriptions to be uplifted or the paths or any other areas to be cleared of the snow.


On a daily basis there were two ordinary ‘wellie’ booted, smiling young folks at our doors, only too happy to go for whatever was required. Roseann, James, David, Mel, Siobhan, Margaret and Paul – the list was endless.


What happened was friendships were formed between the older and elderly folks of the area who sometimes feel that they are a generation who are ignored.


So well done to the ‘Angels of Parkhead’! they have a lot to live up to, being under the eyes of St Michael (name of local church)! You did an exceptional job under harrowing circumstances so three very loud cheers to the ‘PLAYBUSTERS’


Isobel Gilmour

Parkhead resident