The Mix@ges European Project was in Partnership with  Strathclyde University-Lifelong Learning Department.

The project involved Scotland, Belguim, Germany, Slovenia and Austria. 

Playbusters had two groups of 3 older people and 3 younger people who met on a weekly basis.They looked at digital photography and photo manipulation on computer producing a piece of work with Glasgow's architecture and environs in mind. The final piece of work was created as a collage.

The second group's aim was to produce an app with records of the regeneration work being carried out in preparation for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The group were very enthusiastic and researched into the history of the site. They also had an opportunity to visit the "Emirates" stadium for a tour just before the official opening.

In November 2012, two lucky young people and 2 lucky older people (one of each from the groups) had the fantastic opportunity to go to Vienna, Austria to a conference to showcase their final products. They had a ball in the beautiful city of Vienna and they also had the opportunity to meet new people from the other countries involved.

In May 2013, another opportunity for one of the older people arose, to attend a conference in Slovenia. Again the final pieces of work where exhibited for all to see.

Playbusters would like to thank Maureen Marley, Brian Lochrin and the staff at Strathclyde University Centre for Lifelong Learning Department, for the the enjoyable and memorable experience the groups had for the duration of this project, in particular the trip to the beautiful city of Vienna. It was amazing.

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